Faculty of Rehabilitation Pedagogy and Social Work

One of the essential directions of our Academy is social work, therefore we pay special attention to social research having PhD in social sciences in our staff. The training courses of the Academy’s personnel at the Faculty of Rehabilitation Pedagogy and Social Work are the following:

Bachelor’s Degree

  • Special Education;
  • Social Work;
  • Social Pedagogy;
  • Correction Education (Logopedia);
  • Physiotherapy, Ergotherapy.


Master’s Degree

  • Special Education;
  • Physiotherapy, Ergotherapy


The main objective of the Faculty is to train the specialists competitive on the modern labor market, to make the conditions for students to realize their educational and creative potential, to develop their professional competence and active life position.


We have a number of advantages:

  • continuity of education: the institution carries out a full cycle of professional training, that, in its turn, will ensure an organizational and substantial unity as well as the successive connection of all levels of higher education;
  • education environment: the development of autonomous (regional center of early social rehabilitation of disabled children, curative boarding school with inclusive classes) and regional (special groups, classes in preschool, in secondary schools, in boarding schools) bases for the industrial, pedagogical, defectological and research practices, that gives the opportunity to organize an educational process effectively, to ensure social needs of students, to intensify the training by increasing the importance of defectological practices, to realize qualified theoretical and applied researches;
  • teaching staff: over the years of the institution work (20 years) the research and pedagogical highly-qualified staff was formed, which is able to provide the educational services according to the state standards of education and employers’ requirements.