Faculty of Art and Design

They train creative personnel in the field of decorative and applied arts and design on this faculty. Its formation was promoted by its placement on the legendary island of Khortytsia that accumulates creative energy and inspires to preserve the traditions of folk art.

The training courses of the Academy’s personnel at the Faculty of Art and Design are the following:

Bachelor’s Degree

  • Landscaping;
  • Graphic Design;
  • Design of Clothes;
  • Hairdressing and Making-up;
  • Fine Arts, Decorative Art, Restoration.


Faculty of art and design provides a broad and all-round education of students of creative specialties. The main task of the teachers of Academy is to achieve a high level of professional training of students. An individual training of specialists became a particular feature of the Faculty. Considerable attention is paid to disabled students. These students study in an integrated environment. Active educational activities encourage physically different youth to feel full-fledged members of society, to choose a future speciality consciously.

Teachers and students of the Faculty take part in national competitions, exhibitions, festivals, demonstrations of creative achievements to raise the proficiency level of future specialists.

The best semester and graduation works of the students are exhibited in the museums of creative works of Academy. The works are exercised in various techniques: studio pottery, Gobelin tapestry, decorative painting, graphic arts. The works show not only a high professional level of performance but also reveal a great love to the national heritage that is an inexhaustible source everyone applies to create a new, modern and surprising world.