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About us

General Information

Municipal Institution of Higher Education “Khortytsia National Educational Rehabilitation Academy” of Zaporizhzhia Regional Council is an institution, which provides innovative educational and cultural activities related to the provision of higher education by several fields of knowledge, conducts basic and applied researches, is a leading research and methodology center, has developed educational, scientific and industrial divisions.
Furthermore Khortytsia National Academy is a guiding institution in Zaporizhzhia region that establishes a competence directed education and rehabilitation space ensuring the continuity and succession of education, comprehensive rehabilitation (medical, social, psychological, pedagogic), social integration and development of life competence of children and young people with disabilities from the first year of life to higher education.
The ultimate goal lies in providing not only high-quality educational but also creative, artistic, cultural, sports and health-improving activities.


The educational institution was established back in 1995 as All-Ukrainian social and pedagogical experiment over the problem “Complex medical, psychological, pedagogical rehabilitation of the boarding school pupils” to perform the tasks of the National Program “Children of Ukraine” on the basis of Zaporizhzhia curative boarding school for the children with cardiovascular system diseases. In 2007 Khortytsia Educational Rehabilitation Multiple-Discipline Center was granted the status of innovative institution and in 2010 the status of national educational rehabilitation center.

According to the Zaporizhzhia Region Council Resolution of 27.08.2015 #45 the type and name of the institution was changed from Municipal Institution “Khortytsia National Educational Rehabilitation Multiple-Discipline Center” of Zaporizhzhia Regional Council to Municipal Institution of Higher Education “Khortytsia National Educational Rehabilitation Academy” of Zaporizhzhia Regional Council.

At present All-Ukrainian social and pedagogical experiment “Designing and practical ensuring of competence directed innovative development of Khortytsia National Educational Rehabilitation Multiple-Discipline Center” is carried out on the basis of Academy.

Academy structure

Khortytsia National Academy is accredited the 1st (bachelor’s degree) and the 2nd (master’s degree) levels. Its structural subdivisions are faculties, departments, comprehensive curative boarding school, center of early social rehabilitation (providing practical training of students), library, editorial and publishing department, department of international relations, department of research and methodological work.


Academy enrolls students for full-time study providing government scholarship for high score students to the faculties and specialties:
– Faculty of Rehabilitation Pedagogy and Social Work (Special Education; Social Work; Social Pedagogy; Correction Education (Logopedia));
– Faculty of Art and Design (Landscaping; Graphic Design; Design of Clothes; Hairdressing and Making-up; Fine Arts, Decorative Art, Restoration).

Come study in Khortytsia National Academy!

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